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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Andrew Wolfe,LMP,Mms founder and creator of Myo Movement Integration Therapy ®. Myo movement integration therapy (MMIT) is a soft tissue manual (massage) therapy technique involving the mobilization and manipulation of the soft tissue and surrounding structures (attachments-ligaments, tendons and joints) with the use of myofascial release therapy, manual traction, trigger point, joint mobilization, remedial massage therapy and stretching. It also incorporates self empowerment tools and skills to allow the patient to become personally empowered by understanding patterns of dysfunctions.  Myo Movement Integration Therapy ® is a natural, drug free, non surgical approach created to open up the full expression of the fascia, tissue, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Andrew has advanced training and experience working with insurance companies and healthcare providers to offer rehab. ,recovery and wellness in an private, individual and respected treatment plan. His training has brought him to China, training in an advanced capability. He is a certified life coach and has a masters in metaphysics. If you are tired of being in pain and what to break out of patterns that no longer work for you call Andrew Wolfe.